On November 3, the Executive Secretary of ACCIÓ signed the resolution accrediting the TECNIO entities with the new TECNIO qualitity brand. One of them is the Research Center for Biomedical Engineering – CREB, that will certificate this quality until December 31, 2023. TECNIO accreditation allows technology developers as CREB UPC the following: using the TECNIO brand; getting visibility through the ACCIÓ website and other communication tools; getting information about ACCIÓ supporting activities and instruments; tutoring and advising on international cooperation and innovation; participating in programs managed by ACCIÓ; networking and / or marketing activities. TECNIO is the accreditation granted by the Generalitat of Catalonia through ACCIÓ to identify and give visibility to the technology developers of the R&D&I system of Catalonia.  This should help to encourage the activity of the Catalan technology market among technology generators, buyers, facilitators, and other collaborators in the process, such as consultants and business schools.
The kick-off meeting of the new Health Technologies Network was celebrated on November 3. The meeting was attended by most of 60 people representing the 47 research groups from Catalan universities, hospitals and technology centres. This project pursues improving the following objectives: (1) identifying the existing technologies; (2) reinforcing the visibility and external projection of R&D&I in health-technologies in Catalonia and their international alliances; (3) setting up an environment of excellence that encourages attraction and catalyzes talent; (4) contributing to the diversification and hybridization of technologies within the medical field; (5) promoting cooperation; (6) becoming a technological observatory to detect trends and opportunities of the health sector; (7) creating the mechanisms for the promotion and valorization of the Catalan health technologies; (8) providing a customized support to research groups in order to validate, push and launch their technologies into the market.