Exheus Exheus is a young and highly disruptive med tech company. We analyze gene expression in blood samples by applying next-generation sequencing technology (NGS) andartificial intelligence algorithms to offer our customers real and actionable information on their health status at any given moment and condition.The test can be performed many times a year and the evolution of the selected parameters allows to track the progress. What We Are Looking for We are seeking a talented PhD in bioinformatics, computer science, mathematical modeling, big data analysis or related area swith knowledge and experience in management and analysis of transcriptomic data and next-generation sequencing data. Professional experience •Experience in managing, processing, performing quality control and analysis of large amounts of Next Generation Sequencing data. •Good level of statistical programming(R, Python, SQLand others). •Demonstrated knowledge of statistical principles, including experimental design and machine learning. •Strong skills in data visualizationtools. •Demonstrated success in technical proficiency, scientific creativity, collaboration with others and independent thought. Languages •Fluent in English. Main tasks •The job will involve several tasks such asanalysis of gene expression of RNA-seq data and developing custom software for the data visualization. •Develop and optimize scripts, analysis pipelines and reports for routine NGS and genomic data processing. •Optimize our proprietarymachine learning algorithms to improve ourproducts. •Extend the analytics and visualization of capabilities of in-house developed dashboards. •Interact with the research team. Skills •Good organizational skills. •Team player. •Drive and determination. •Desire to learn. •Enjoy solving problems;engaged and motivated. •Ability to communicate effective both verbally and in writing. The Offer –Working Conditions •Contract duration: 1 year with possibility of extension to 3more years by a successful application to a Torres Quevedo Grantor othercalls. •Estimated annual gross salary: Salary is commensurate with qualifications and consistent with our pay scales. •Target start date: January 2021. Application Procedure All […]
We are looking for a highly motivated, dynamic and creative PhD student to work in the field of plasma medicine to investigate its effects on biomaterials (essentially polymers, namely hydrogels), for cancer and regenerative medicine applications. The ultimate goal is to gain fundamental understanding on the effects of plasma-treated hydrogels on cancer and healthy cells and tissues to implement new strategies for local and minimally invasive cancer therapy. If selected, the candidate will work in a multidisciplinary research group focused on the search for potential anti-cancer treatments in human osteosarcoma, specifically the use of Cold Plasmas at atmospheric pressure on biomaterials, cell lines and primary cells, within an ERC project. This position is part of the Starting Grant “APACHE” of the European Research Council. The selected candidate will occupy a full-time place in the plasma medicine research group, led by Dr. Cristina Canal, in the Biomaterials, Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering Research Group ofthe Technical University of Catalonia at EEBE (Campus Diagonal Besòs), Barcelona (https://ercapache.upc.edu/en ). You will be working in a vibrant interdisciplinary research environment involving plasma physics, biomaterials science and cell biology. You will have access to state-of-the-art experimental facilities, will have travel allowance. You will be expected to deliver top quality research. REQUIREMENTSThe successful candidate will hold a master degree in biomedical engineering, tissue engineering, chemistry, biology and other related areas. Previous exposure to plasma medicine, biomaterials or tissue engineering is highly desirable. However, willingness and motivation to expand your expertise by reaching out to other disciplines is required. You are expected to be proficient in English, and have skills in teamwork and communication skills. The evaluation of the candidate will be based on previous studies, credentials, research experience, exposure to relevant disciplines and proficiency in English. Beside skype interviews, it is possible to arrange on site visits […]