The improvement of the quality and life expectation of people with rare diseases was the goal of the La Marató 2019. Along the year, different research projects applied to these funds and finally three of the projects receiving funds will be participated by CREB UPC research groups. These are the following:

 ”Use of artificial intelligence and biology systems for the diagnosis and personalized risk assessment for inherited kidney disease, focusing on Alport syndrome”, in which Montserrat Vallverdú Ferrer along with more B2SLab researchers are involved. This project counts with a 399.312,50 € funding.

“ArmTracker: A portable system for assessing motor function of the upper extremities during daily life for patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and spinal muscular atrophy”,  in whichJosep Maria Font Llagunes along with several BIOMEC & BIOART researchers are involved. This project counts with a 364.053,75 € funding.

“Development of personalized treatments in rare genetic diseases causing pediatric parkinsonism”, led by Angels Garcia Cazorla and supported by B2SLab & BIOART researchers, among other. This project counts with a 361.752,49 € funding.

Congratulations to our researchers and partners and of course, congratulations to the rest of the projects.